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Shanghai Songjiang No.2 High School Introduction
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Established in 1904, Shanghai Songjiang No.2 High School is among the first experimental and demonstrative high schools in Shanghai. Its predecessor was the Yun Jian Shu Yuan, a traditional Chinese school, which was initiated during the Qianlong Period (1736--1796) of the Qing Dynasty. In 1904, China launched a new school system and the Yunjian Shu Yuan changed its name to Songjiang Prefecture Middle School and has been developing ever since. The magnificent Yunjian Archway, the main gate, marks the No.1 building of the town and is an antique building with a history of more than one thousand years.

The campus is located in the Town of Songjiang—the “Root of Shanghai” and borders Shanghai University Town. With a convenient public transportation system nearby, Shanghai No.2 High School is very close to G60 Highway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Passenger Railway Line and Subway Line 9. Covering an area of 150 mu (about 10 hectares) with a green coverage rate up to 75%, the campus enjoys the beautiful view of fragrant flowers and green trees in four seasons, which make it a garden school of Shanghai. The school has various advanced facilities, and its strong historical deposits of antique flavor brimming with contemporary look. Three classroom buildings of traditional style stand within walking distance from the modern science buildings and the experiment buildings. The school also boasts of a variety of sports facilities such as the gymnasium, the sports field, the swimming pool, and a multiple-functional library and apartment-style dormitories.



Songjiang No.2 High School has three grades, thirty-six classes and altogether 1500 students. Among the 180 faculty members, 138 are full-time teachers, five of whom are expert teachers of Shanghai. With the motto of “seek truth and facts, be independent and self-reliant” and the objective of “educating people”, the school has made outstanding achievements in school management, and was awarded “National School with Features”, “Shanghai Green School”, “Model School of Shanghai in Science and Technology Education”, as well as “Model Unit of Shanghai” for 15 successive times. The School was approved by the Education Committee of Shanghai to implement the project of “Innovation through Education”, which aims to develop students’ innovation ability, science spirits, and humanistic connotations.

So far, the school has about 50,000 graduates, most of whom have become outstanding in their own fields and some have become prestigious experts and scholars both at home and abroad. Since the beginning of the new century, the school has been following the policy of “adopting the essence of tradition and developing through innovation” in order to nurture students with a solid academic foundation, abundant staying power and a strong motivation of self development. The schools’ exchanges with schools from USA, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and Japan have helped to broaden students’ horizon and promote students comprehensive development. With generations of talented students coming and going, Songjiang No.2 High School is regarded as “a prominent school in an ancient town”.


Address: 250 Zhongshan Road (E.), Songjiang District, Shanghai

Postal Code: 201600

Telephone: 86-21-57832255

Fax: 86-21-57832255

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: 河北11选五开奖结果 www.lrq2o.cn

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